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B12 Folate

B12 Folate

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Our B12 folate supplement is a combination of two water-soluble B vitamins. They help to generate energy from carbohydrates and they also support neurological health and red blood cell function.

The duo supports the G.I. tract as well as your hair, skin, memory, mood and cognitive function. It helps convert carbs into energy and break down fats and proteins. In this formula, folate is provided as Metafolin, a naturally occurring folate that's easily used in the body. The B12 is provided in the active form of the vitamin, methylcobalamin.

  • Enhances red blood cell function & nervous system health
  • Supports energy metabolism
  • Promotes proper metabolism of fats and protein
  • Supports the G.I tract
  • Maintains integrity of skin & hair
  • Important nutrient for memory, mood, and cognitive function
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