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Cognitive Aminos

Cognitive Aminos

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Amino acids are vital for the brains neurotransmitters. Age-related decreases in amino acids may influence cognitive function. The amino acid blend in our Cognitive Aminos formula promotes a healthy brain and neurotransmitter activity and supports mental function and healthy mood.

The formula includes Tyrosine, an important amino acid naturally synthesized in the body, supporting mood and mental clarity. The formula also includes DL-Phenylalanine, which provides a mixture of two essential amino acids that support levels of the mood-elevating compound phenylethylamine. Tryptophan is included to promote emotional well-being, relaxation and restful sleep. Taurine helps provide neuroprotective action that is important for maintaining healthy brain cell function. Acetyl-l-carnitine plays an important role inbrain health , supporting memory, attention, mental clarity and mood.

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