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SR CoQ10 with PQQ

SR CoQ10 with PQQ

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This 24-hour-sustained-release supplement of coenzymeQ10 and PQQ offer multifunctional support in the body, including cardiovascular muscle function, neuroprotection and brain health. SR-CoQ10 with PQQ also promotes antioxidant activity and cellular health, including cell oxygen utilization and support for the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. Together, CoQ10 and PQQ are a powerful combination for cardiac, neural and cognitive health.

The PQQ is offered in this supplement as BioPQQ short for, pyrroloquinone quinone disodium salt. It promotes cardiovascular health by supporting heart muscle function, cellular oxygen utilization and protecting cell membranes from oxidative stress. The nutrient CoQ10 provides antioxidant support to complement the activity of PQQ, along with cardiovascular and cognitive support.

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