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Daily Greens Plus

Daily Greens Plus

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Thorne’s Daily Greens Plus provides a blend of great-tasting, clinically studied ingredients that support a healthy mind and body.* Daily Greens Plus provides a comprehensive approach to foundational nutrition, with the added focus of supporting healthy aging.* This unique greens powder formula combines the highest-quality sources of green nutrition with adaptogens that support a healthy stress response and adrenal function, as well as antioxidant blend that boosts the body’s defenses against oxidative damage and a mushroom blend that promotes optimal immune function.*

What sets Daily Greens Plus apart is Thorne’s approach to total transparency. Every ingredient amount and blend is listed on the label – with no “proprietary blend” in sight. We eliminate the guesswork from your greens – so you know exactly what you are putting in your body.

Benefits of the ingredients in Thorne’s Daily Greens Plus:

Cellular health and energy production is enhanced for a greens powder you can feel*
Greens-based support helps provide foundational daily nutrition*
Added benefit to a well-rounded approach to a healthy aging lifestyle*
Support for cognitive performance and having a clear head*
Promotes a healthy stress response and optimal immune function*
Helps protect against environmental stressors that can cause cellular damage*
Benefits physical endurance, as well as physical and mental recovery*

Features of Thorne’s Daily Greens Plus:

Vegan and vegetarian
Paleo and keto-friendly
Fully transparent product label
Purest possible ingredients in their most absorbable forms
A refreshingly great taste
Made in the USA from U.S. and imported ingredients

What you’ll find in Daily Greens Plus:

Greens Blend

This greens blend combines nutrient-dense greens like matcha, spirulina, moringa, and kelp to provide foundational nutrient, antioxidant, gut health, and detoxification support.* Each of the ingredients in Daily Greens Plus meets Thorne’s strict standards for purity and sustainability. The benefits offered by the ingredients in this unique greens blend include:

A nutrient-dense source of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, as well as potent antioxidant polyphenols, flavonoids, and carotenoids that support healthy aging*
Prebiotic and enzyme support for healthy digestion and gut function*
Nutritional support for promoting cellular energy production and feeling vibrant*
Support for cellular repair and resistance of free-radical damage*
Nutrient support for a healthy immune response*

Adaptogen Blend

Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms that support the body’s processes of responding to stress.* By resisting the effects of physical and emotional stressors, adaptogens promote finding balance and harmony.* The formula’s adaptogen blend combines ancient botanicals like ashwagandha, rhodiola, and eleuthero with modern advances like phytosome technology, to provide:

Support for mental and physical endurance and recovery*
The benefit of balanced brain chemicals to support a calm, healthy outlook and sense of well-being*
Support for adrenal health, a normal cortisol rhythm, and stress resilience*
Nutrient support for optimized immune function and response*
Nootropic benefits that support cognitive function, attention, and memory*
Benefits for digestive and gut health*

Antioxidant Blend

Some of the most well-known and potent antioxidants are the foundation of the antioxidant blend. Nicotinamide riboside and Coenzyme Q10 provide the nutritional backbone for mitochondrial function and energy production.* Because oxidative damage can cause signs of early aging, the supporting cast of quercetin, glutathione, and other botanical nutrients rounds out a powerhouse blend that defends against oxidative damage.* The antioxidant nutrients in this blend:

Enhance energy production in every cell of the body*
Support a balanced inflammatory response in the body*
Protect against oxidative stress attributable to the environment, detoxification processes, and mental and physical stressors*
Benefit DNA repair and provide protection against future damage*
Promote healthy metabolic function and weight management efforts*
Boost NAD+ production, which helps the body and brain resist the effects of chronological aging*

Mushroom Blend

A blend of potent mushrooms that have been used for centuries supports cellular energy, mental focus, and immune function.* In addition to providing additional adaptogenic support, mushrooms like lion’s mane and chaga deliver B vitamins, electrolytes, and a host of trace minerals that provide:

Support for cognitive function by promoting memory, attention, and mental endurance*
Cardiometabolic-supportive benefits, like helping to maintain optimal levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar*
Nutrient support for nerve cell growth and immune function*
Benefits for a positive mood and support for relief of anxious feelings*
Additional antioxidant and adaptogenic properties for supporting longevity and a healthy stress response*

How to use Daily Greens Plus:

Because Daily Greens Plus tastes great, contains no added sugars, and is derived from natural flavors, a delicious green drink can be made in just 15 seconds with 12 ounces of water. If you want to be creative, then here are more ways to incorporate Daily Greens Plus into your daily routine:

Add a scoop to your favorite smoothie for an additional nutrient boost. Chocolate mint protein shake, anyone?
Mix into Greek yogurt for an antioxidant addition
Power up your pancakes by adding it to your favorite mix
Stir gently into soda water for a mocktail to start (or end) a night out
Sprinkle over your favorite fruit or oatmeal
Spike your favorite herbal marinades or sauces like pesto or chimichurri
Add some pep to your guacamole, salsa, hummus, or other favorite dip
Create a green milk with your favorite dairy or non-dairy option for a soothing green boost

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