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Stress Balance (formerly Phytisone)

Stress Balance (formerly Phytisone)

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The constant low-level daily stress most of us experience can overstimulate and overtax the adrenal glands, thus adversely affecting our immune, cardiovascular, neurological, and endocrine systems. Thorne’s Stress Balance helps to modulate the effects of a modern lifestyle.* Its unique combination of key adaptogen botanicals, B vitamins, vitamin C, and zinc helps the adrenal glands optimize their response to stress.*

Benefits of Stress Balance

Improves the body’s resilience to stress with adaptogen botanicals*
Enhances energy production to resist stress-related fatigue*
Promotes a healthy cortisol response to stress*
Helps maintain a positive mood*
Supports healthy immune function during times of stress*

Stress Balance Features:

Non-glandular formula
Contains well-known adaptogen botanicals
Includes KSM-66® – the highest concentration, full-spectrum ashwagandha extract on the market
Vitamin C, zinc, and the active forms of B vitamins support optimal adrenal function*
Ginger helps increase the absorption of other nutrients*

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